Here is my latest resume, as well as full academic CV.

Academic publications:

Goldenson, N., Mauger, G., Leung, L.R., Bitz, C.M., Rhines, A. (2018) Effects of ensemble configuration on estimates of regional climate uncertainties, Geophysical Research Letters,  2017GL076297.

Goldenson, N., Doherty, S.J., Bitz, C.M., Holland, M.M., Light, B., Conley, A.J. (2012) Arctic Climate Response to Forcing from Light-Absorbing Particles in Snow and Sea Ice in CESM, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12, 7903-7920.

Goldenson, N., Desch, S., Christensen, P.R. (2008) Non-equilibrium between dust and gas temperatures in the Mars atmosphere, Geophysical Research Letters, 35, L08813.

Rubin, D., Goldenson, N., Voth, G. (2006) Failure and strengthening of granular slopes under external vibration, Physical Review E, 74, 051307.

ReCENT Conference Slides: