field day #2

For our second day out in the field, we left several hours earlier, and got back about one hour earlier.  We also got a lot more measurements done.  Another colleague from the Norwegian Polar Institute accompanied us yesterday.  We set out again on snowmobile for the same general area.  Here is a picture of that sailboat in the ice.

a local tourist destination

We started by measuring albedo and transmittance again (see “the science part” below).  Then we got down to business.

Bonnie wearing the Backpack of Science, making albedo measurements

no one warned me I'd be shoveling Arctic snow

We cleared an area around the hole in the ice that we drilled.  Thus, we could measure transmission of light through the snow+ice, and when we’d finished shoveling, through the bare ice as well.

all finished?

at least it was a gorgeous day

We also brought back some more ice cores and snow samples too.  On the way back I finally tried driving a snow mobile.  It’s kind of fun, although it is also a long drive and a bit tiring.

taking a break

reindeer: highlight of the trip back?

Scanning for bears even vigilantly, I noticed some white four legged creatures ahead beside the driving track.  Luckily, they were just reindeer.  They are kind of cute.  It makes me feel bad that they were on the menu the previous night… although not as bad as seeing whale on the menu.  Not to be culturally insensitive, but eating whales really bothers me.  Anyway, I digress.

Snow-mobile driving was great, except that the machine tried to eat my boot.  Exhaust from the motor kept my foot warm on the drive, but it was a bit warmer than I realized.  Good thing the boots were well-insulated.

melted remains of a snow boot

This one had to be pulled from the snow mobile where it had melted on.