last of the lab work

Today I finished the filtering lab work, took a walk around town, and am about to go help pack things up.  The time here has gone very quickly because we’ve kept busy.

samples yesterday in the freezer, awaiting analysis

At least I got to work in a normal lab with a nice view.  The other lab work was done in the cold room at -15, which was actually colder than anything we experienced outside.  I caught a glimpse of Bonnie imaging some thin-sections of ice through the cold room window.

micro and normal pictures were taken of the ice structure

Sea ice is hardly a uniform substance.  There a brine pockets where salt concentrates, and there is porosity and even fine vertical channels that convey water through the ice.  You also tend to find green stuff growing on the bottom.

a thin section of sea ice on a light table for imaging

The thin sections of ice are a lot like thin sections of rock that geologists look at to study fine mineral structure, except that they have to be made and analyzed in a cold room before they can melt.

a view out from town

It’s another gorgeous day.  Today you can even see the mountains across the main fjord.  Some ice blew in the other day, which you can see covering the water to the right.